Saturday, May 12, 2012

Race Your Voices (05.05.12)

Last Friday, "Race Your Voices", a fun run entirely for the benefit of the Calasiao Children Chorus was held at Robinsons Place in Calasiao, Pangasinan. The proceeds of the said activity is to fund the choir air fare as participants in the upcoming international competition this coming November. For your information, Calasiao Children Chorus have joined international competitions in the previous years. If I remember it correctly, they brought home medals from the categories they've won. So, it is just right that we support and give this group another shot. They might just win and bring home all the gold medals this year.

My cousins, brother and I were among the hundreds who joined and supported the benefit. As first time runners, we chose the second shortest distance - 3K. When we first got the copy of the route, we thought the distance was short for us. An easy-peasy. We even thought about doing the 5K instead. And good thing we stuck to the original plan, because it's only when we heard the gunshot that signaled our start that we realized - it's going to be a loooong run...

I still haven't reached the 1K mark when I started to feel really tired. Damn, how unfit can one get? Water was readily available for thirsty runners in the stations that were put up along the street. Aside from water, ponytails were also given. I really think this was a very thoughtful move.

At midway, I found myself not running but walking instead. The only time I ran again was when I saw this little girl, tired and sweating.. but still running. The feeling of embarrassment and weakness pierced on me. It pushed me to run again. To finish what I've started and to stick to the commitment I signed up for. Isn't it funny and amazing how a small little girl can teach or remind us something really important? I gave it my all but, upon nearing the finish line I just couldn't get myself to run anymore. And even so, we weren't the last ones to arrive. So yay! for that! :)

Here are some photos:

@ 5AM. On our way to Robinsons, the starting line.
@ Robinsons, waiting..
still waiting.. :)
I just had to take a pic. Haha
Credits to Kuya Simon Vistro of What's Up Dagupan

The Finish line!

While waiting for our certificates
From What's Up Dagupan
Breakfast @ Jollibee
The main reason we joined was really for the fun and not the prize (as if we had a shot at winning haha) and we absolutely got what we came for. I hope another benefit just like this will be organized again. Because although I'm very aware that my body would ache after and would last for a week, I would still sign up without a second thought. Who would've thought helping can be this fun?

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