Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Top 5 Photography Apps

Since I had an iPhone, I haven't been using a digital camera or DSLR for capturing photos. Most people use their iPhone camera only for desperate times, but not me. It's my go-to camera. The main reason why I love it is because of the various photography applications available in store. I've tried using and learning Adobe Photoshop and Corel in the computer, but they seem not to like me. Haha So to people who are hard up in using those photo editing software, or to those who are just plain lazy, here are my top 5 photo apps that are worth downloading:

1. Snapseed
This application won the Best Mobile Photo App for 2012 and iPad App of the Year. The main edge of this app is that, you can select precise portions of the photo you want to be edited only. Creative enhancements are also available like Black&White, Tilt-Shift, Vintage Films etc.. The only sad thing about this app is, it costs 4.99 dollars. So save up!

2. Instagram
Yes! The famous photo app available for both Apple and Android users. This includes 17 unique instant filters. Another feature is the blur effect for better focusing and depth of field. Photo sharing to other social sites like Facebook and Twitter is easily done in one touch. Make sure to put up great photos dearies and it might just land in the popular page!

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3. Pix: Pixel Mixer
This app includes 30 filters, 24 film layers and 16 frames. It lets you create your own edit by allowing the usage of 3 filters all at once. This is also the app best for lazy lazy lazy people because of the Random Effect Touch. It randomly chooses filters and edits your photo with just one touch. Great, right?

My edit. :)
Random Edit

4. Camera+
Winner of Best Visual Design, Best Photography App, and Best App Ever Award. This app has numerous features. If your hands are shaky, well worry no more because this app has a stabilizer that helps steady the camera to minimize blurry shots. If you're very particular with angles and such, a grid is available to line up the photo shot. Also, this app includes Scene Modes such as Sunset, Food, Scenery, Backlit and more just like in a digital camera. It has 4 Filter Categories (Color, Retro, Special and I <3 Analog). Each of this category has 9 filters. That's a total of 36 filters! To complete the editing process, wrap it up with a frame and a caption. This app costs 0.99 and this is its sale price, so get it now!

 5. NightCap
Okay, iPhone's Camera Flash is useless. It makes the photo blurry and also makes the person like a ghost. It defies the main purpose of a flash. Don't you agree? So you absolutely definitely positively have this app right here! It allows you to take clear and bright photos even at night! And you don't have to edit. Just point, shoot.. and Voila! This app costs 0.99 also.

with flash
no flash
with NightCap

If you notice, 4 out of 5 are paid apps, but the best usually goes with a price. Right? So save up, grab your iPhone and start downloading.

Point. Shoot. Edit and Share! :D


  1. I only knew about instagram but all of these look really good, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Rania! :) I hope you got something from my post. :D