Saturday, April 7, 2012

You’re the One that I Don’t Want by Alexandra Potter

I finally finished the book! :)
I started reading this book a week ago but a lot has happened in between that’s why I haven’t had time to finish it. And now I did, finally. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book since the day I held it. :)
This book is not like any other books I’ve read. It’s about a lady (Lucy Hemmingway) who believed in soulmates, destiny, kismet, fate, all those stuff about love. At first read, you might think it’s just a typical love story and will have a predicable ending then another thought hits you that maybe it’s not…
While other books focused on finding the ONE, Lucy Hemmingway, the protagonist, only wanted to get rid of him. Lucy and Nate met at Venice during summer in their teen-years. The usual couple in their tweeny-teen years and in a place such like Venice, you couldn’t just blame them to fall deeply in love with each other. Then a man approached them and told them about a legend -”Legend of the Bridge of Sighs”. Then the magic begins…
Have you ever tried reading a book and just had to stop and think of what you just read? Well, this book can give you that. :D
Here are some of the lines that got my attention:
“That life can change in the blink of any eye. All you have is right now. So don’t ever put off telling someone how you feel about them, don’t assume that they know, because they might not and it might be too late.”
“The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.”
“And yet you can spend a lifetime with someone and still be a stranger to them, but on the flipside you can meet someone briefly who can see inside your soul. Can you measure love by time? By anything? Or is it something inexplicable that has no rhyme or reason, no scientific explanation. Something that just happens. Like magic.”
“Soulmates are like buses; there’s not going to be another one along in a minute. that’s why they’re called “the ONE”.”
The only negative thing I noticed was the characters weren’t physically described that you can actually picture them. Do you get what I want to say here? I hope you do. 
But the characters had their own time in the light. Every character was important and had a secret of their own which makes the book a good one for me. I like to stop and think of what will happen next, the type that will keep you reading until the last page. :)
Over-all I give this book 4 stars. :)
PS. Next up: Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger

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