Saturday, April 7, 2012

When in Rome

"When in Rome"
I just finished reading “When in Rome”by Gemma Townley and it was okay. Light. Funny. Romantic. but predictable.
I was barely in the middle of the book when I already had a clue of how the book would end. It’s not the type that will keep you turning the pages because you’re so eager to know what would happen next. I just wish the  author made the character a little more subtle and deep. It also had a couple of boring chapters especially when it’s about Georgie’s work,I assume there are more better jobs in London other than working in a publishing company.
But I love how the author described Rome. I love how she can bring the reader (or is it just me) to Rome, like I am really there. The cobbled streets, cafe along side the road, croissants and the Vespa ride. Oh very romantic! makes me wanna go to Rome all the more!
Overall, I still think it’s a good book. a good read. I give it 3 stars. :)
still not sure of what to read next.. :p

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