Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sidney's Grill

My family and I had dinner out for a change tonight. We went to this dining place named Sidney’s Grill found along De Venecia Highway here in Dagupan.
Sidney’s Grill greets you with this wall where you can throw plates at to release anger or stress. A plate costs Php 15 only!
The place stands in a pond where they grow the fishes that they serve to their customers. You have to pass a bridge before arriving to the main dining area. It is designed like a big gazeebo which is surrounded by mini nipa huts where people can also dine in.
The bridge. =D
The pillars are made of cement but designed to look like wooden logs.
L-R Ian, Joseph, Tricia, Me and Jaear
Me and Ian
Mama and Papa
The nipa huts are named after different kinds of fish.
We waited for our food to be served for quite a time, but their food is definitely worth every minute.
Crispy Kangkong
Their version of Pigar-Pigar
Grilled Boneless Bangus - not just any bangus, it s the famous Dagupan Bangus!
Sizzling Sisig
I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Calamares, which for me is the stand out! Definitely a must try! Oh, and with these kind of food it is best if you use your hands in eating. After, you can wash your hands this way!
Until my next post! <3

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