Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baguio, we meet again!

Baguio, we meet again! <3 So, I had to leave the event because my family and I went to Baguio. My sister, Ate Aprylle, had a mild breakdown due to her Medicine clerkship, and also it’s been a while since we last visited her, so we decided to spend a night there.
We arrived in Baguio late in the afternoon. Ate Aprylle wasn’t at the dorm then so we had to wait, which was fine, because we also needed the time to rest. I’ve been traveling to Baguio since I was little and even more back in college because we went home almost every weekend but still I didn’t get use to it. I always feel light-headed and really tired though it’s only a 2-hour drive.
My brother’s girlfriend also dropped by before she headed home for the weekend. She’s a very sweet gal. I really like her.
my brother and his hunny!
When Ate Aprylle arrived she suggested that all of us have dinner out. It was unexpected of her to invite because we all know she had to review for her oral exams that week and, also unusual because she didn’t mind skipping review night to spend the night with us. Maybe she missed us really much. I know I did. And still do. I miss my Ate! <3
while on our way, I saw this new building and got surprised when I saw the name. GREAT TASTE! It serves very yummy and affordable food. And now, the serve it in a nice place!:D
We went to Camp John Hay for dinner and saw that there are new shops that opened. When I left Baguio there were only tarps of the store. I feel like I just left but a lot has seemed to change. Time really flies so fast, eh? Sometimes (just sometimes) I wish I was back in Baguio. HAHA (in time, I will.) Anyways, my Mama learned about a promo at one of the stores and she just can’t say NO to it. Well, the promo was -BUY 3 AND GET A 30% DISCOUNT – it’s like getting the third item for free! Who can say NO to that? Well, not my Mama. That’s for sure!
Sorry for the poor quality!:D
My Ate Aprylle and I
We all wanted to try the new seafood restaurant but unfortunately it wasn’t open. So we had to think of another place to eat. Joseph, my brother, suggested Mario’s. My first experience in Mario’s is unforgettable. It was on my second year of college to attend a debut lunch party of a friend. It was on my Favorite Restaurant Listsince then. ;D
Upon entering, the first thing you’ll see is their dessert display. Canonigo is a must try! Here, they also serve the best Paella! Well, maybe because it’s the only place I ever had Paella, but even so, I still think it’ll be one of the best! It’s an ultimate favorite of us siblings. <3 When we arrived, the place was full but lucky us there was still a table at the far end corner. Better than waiting. Yay!
Mario s, Baguio City
while waiting for our orders, we had bread and butter.
Caesar s Salad.
Beef Salpicao
Baby Back Ribs
Tuscany Platter - A trio of medium well steak, fish and prawn.
It was pretty late (for mama) and getting cold already, so we headed straight home after dinner. My sister, who repeatedly promised herself to review upon arriving went straight to bed. As always! The others followed one by one. I, on the other hand, sat in the balcony and enjoyed the cold breeze of Baguio until sleep finally gave me a visit. oh how I missed Baguio!
Baguio Cathedral
The next day, we went up early for mass. Unfortunately, the mass we attended to was in Ilocano. Boo. But we still stayed and prayed.
Bought coffee and food for the trip home.:)
SM was the last place we went to before leaving. It was sad leaving Ate Aprylle alone again. And also sad leaving Baguio. It’s really a place filled with happy memories for me. It’s my happy place next to home. Until me meet again, Baguio! <3
Toodles! <3

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