Saturday, April 7, 2012


Christening is certainly one of the essential events in a person’s life. It’s the foremost celebration every Christian should have. On March 29, 2012, we welcomed my favorite (and only) niece to the Christian world. She was baptized as Kelice Chantel Fernandez Parkhurst. The short and intimate ceremony was held at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church in Calasiao, Pangasinan. Being a Godparent truly bears tough responsibilities. It is one’s duty to guide the godchild on the spiritual aspect of life and, should always set a good example for the child to emulate. This obligation was entrusted to me and, I’m greatly honored to be one.
Lunch followed at Arestogracia Grill located also in Calasiao. The feeling of ease and comfort occupied me as I entered and was greeted with courteous crew. The place has a cozy ambiance which added up that vibe of belongingness. Like most events, food is always the most-awaited part. We were served with one of the most tender pork barbecues I’ve ever tasted, moist chicken grilled to perfection, the always-present pancit (noodles), irresistible crustaceans in butter sauce and their best seller fried catfish. This restaurant have been overlooked by us since it opened but, after our good and satisfied experience, it surely won’t be ignored anymore.
Until my next post! Toodles! :D


  1. Hi Carina! Thanks for following :) Following your blog too. Happy Easter :)

  2. Cute baby.

    ...and the fried catfish looks so masarap.