Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's more FUN in Dagupan!

It’s already the 4th month of the year and this means that the sun will be at it’s peak again! April surely is the season of jam-packed beaches, bikinis, light clothing, eye catching fedora hats and more! In a nutshell — SUMMER! Also, this month marks the start of one of the biggest and most-awaited festivals in the Philippines – The Bangus Festival in Dagupan City.
This annual hoopla is celebrated and visited by thousands of people from different parts of the country. As a result to this fete, the city became one of the tourist destinations in Northern Luzon. The City of Dagupan continues to improve in providing various places for fun, leisure, entertainment, food and even relaxation.
My friends and I recently experienced what Dagupan can offer at first hand. Here are the places we went to:
If you’re up to an adventure that you surely won’t forget, then Leisure Coast Resort Zipline located in Bonuan, is the place to be! The First ever Zipline in the city had it’s soft opening just recently. This is the newest addition to their wide array of services.
It’s already my second encounter riding a zipline but, it surely felt like the first as  I was standing 80ft above the ground and ready to be launched. The beginning is always the tough part but, once you’re out there in the open with a beautiful view in sight and calming wind on your face, I suggest you let go and just savor the moment. After it you will surely realize that it was nothing but a piece of cake and you start to crave for more. Leisure Coast Resort Zipline  will have it’s grand opening on the 15th of this month and will surely satisfy your craving for more fun and excitement!
80 feet!
Just let go!
If there’s a list of restaurants that serve the best and freshest seafood in Dagupan,Matutina’s Restaurant which is also located in Bonuan, will be one on top of that list. They serve ocean creatures cooked to perfection in delicious and savory sauces. If I’m not mistaken, our former President, Mrs Gloria Arroyo, claimed Matutina’s as one of her favorite restaurants. Up until now, they continue to provide food that will appease every customer’s hunger.
Shrimp in Butter Sauce
Bangus Dagupan
My friends and I needed to slow down after that nerve wracking adventure and sumptuous meal, so we decided to try the most talked about Dawel River Cruise. The place greets you with big and colorful Dagupan Bangus sculptures that certainly catches every one’s attention. The ride lasts about 30 minutes and we got to see the bountiful mangroves that line the waterways and be mesmerized by the serenity of the river. With the growing and uncontrollable pollution in our country, we should experience and savor the beauty of our nature while it lasts.
Fishing for the best Bangus in the world!:D
I hope this post could serve as a guide to people/tourists who plan to visit the Bangus Capital of the Philippines.
PS. For information and updates on the upcoming events and contests this Bangus Festival 2012, visit What's Up DagupanI would also like to thank them for giving me a free Zipline ride! :D

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