Saturday, April 7, 2012

Congratulations, Batch 2012!

It’s the time of the year again where students harvest their fruits of labor – the Graduation. Finally, after the countless sleepless nights, stressful exams, mind-blowing quizzes and dreadful recitations, the day has arrived where all of these hit a brick wall. The END. And it’s now time to receive the most awaited diploma that serves as the trophy of this triumph.
This year four of my cousins graduated – in preschool, in Grade School and 2 in High School. My imaginary jar of emotions started to fill with much joy and pride as each went up the stage to claim their victory. And it doesn’t stop there. It reached its brink as I witnessed two of my cousins receive their medals for exemplary performance. The medals made a sound so little but enough for everyone to hear.
Here are some photos: More to come!
Tricia with Tita Ann and Tito Bong
The MLLS Pre-School students rendering their heart felt song.
Me and Niecia
That imaginary jar of mine just couldn’t contain it anymore and overflowed as the graduates rendered their song. My heart melted with all the love that surrounded me. The pride, joy and success in every parents’ eyes were beyond compare. I bet it’s one of the most wonderful and immeasurable feelings in this world.
Naturally, if there’s an end there is always a beginning. Ironically, this day marks it too. A beginning full of new hopes, life experiences, lessons, friends and trials but assuredly ends with a triumph just like this. You may be entering a new world but some things will still remain – family – who stood by you through all the trials that came your way and, with this new endeavor you will be pursuing, they will go through it all over again without second thought.
Graduation is certainly a celebration not only for the graduates but more importantly for the parents’ also. It’s about time to recognize and give thanks to them for all the hard work and sacrifices they made.
Above all, this celebration wouldn’t be possible without Divine Intervention. Every thing should be offered back to Him. He is our beginning and our end.
Congratulations,  Batch 2012! Godbless!

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