Saturday, April 7, 2012

Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

A book written by Samantha Sotto. A Filipino writer based in the Philippines who obviously and enviously made her way to the world of writing.
The book is about the love of Max and Shelley. They’re a beautiful and happy couple who made everyday a moment to love each other and make endless memories together. The type of couple who knows each other so well to the point that each knows how each other wants their tea made or what kind. Then a drastic and inevitable  life changing incident happened – Max died and Shelley was left alone.
Three years after Max’s death, Shelley found herself at the same spot when he left. Until someone was at her door. The same pair of eyes, lips, smile and age as her Max was standing before her – he was Paolo, who introduced himself as Max’s grandson. Shelley never expected that by opening the door, her once clear and perfect memory of Max will be blurred and unknown to her. And her journey for truth begins…
“If we accept time for what it is, how it flows and how we flow with it, I doubt very much that would continue wasting loads of it by constantly checking our watches.”
“Life is a barter of choice and consequences.”
“ might be surprised at how much happiness you can find in the pages of the shortest love stories. Unlike penises, their length truly does not count.” – haha!
“Death is never swift… No matter how those left behind would like to comfort themselves with the thought.”
Surely a book that will keep you guessing up to the last page. Mysterious. Full of Surprises. Romantic. Beautifully written. Tear-jerker. Brilliant.
This is my first book of a Filipino writer, and I wasn’t surprised that the book is great. Filipinos are surely world class! Proud to be Pinoy!

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